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2-8001-0670-0 6 Les Trois soleils de Vina (The Three Suns of Vinea) 1976 Yoko, Vic and Pol travel to Vinea with Khany to investigate the habitability of the planet, but find that its survivors are now governed by a corrupted artificial intelligenceYokoTsuno19-ElorodelRhin.rar Size: 17 MB 2011-02-28 Source title: Yoko Tsuno Roger Leloup Descarga Gratis Libros She is the main character of the Yoko Tsuno comic book seriesThe only aid she receives is from one of the Archangels, a group of androids opposed to the queen's tyrannyYoko Tsuno Publication information Publisher Dupuis (French and Dutch) Cinebook (English) Format Comics album Genre Science fiction Size: 434 MB 2012-11-13 files:2 Source title: Tlcharger MUYoko Tsuno (BD : 24 tomes + HS) ISBN2-8001-2101-7Before meeting Yoko, he directed live TV showsto meet her master, Lucifer! 978-2-8001-4775-8 (FR) 978-90-314-3090-1 (NL) 26 Le Malfice de l'amthyste (The Amethyst Hex) 2012 Emilia and Yoko receive letters from Gloria McDougal, Emilia's long-deceased great grand-aunt, which are dated 1935 and in which she thanks them for saving her lifePol Pitron[edit]


Before meeting Yoko, he worked as a camera operator under direction of VicFor example, Yoko's last name was changed to "Suno", Khany was renamed "Kani" and the Vineans became "Vinans" from the planet "Vina"Accumulating 26 albums with three integral compilations, the fourth, Vina en pril, is announced to be released on October 3, 2007.[3]Vic Video (Dutch: Ben Beeld, but sometimes also referred to as Max): He has a strong personality, and is a close friend of Yoko (whom he seems to be in love with, though this is only hinted at)Especially later in the series, it is hinted, especially at the end of Le Feu de Wotan, that Yoko and Vic are romantically involvedA spirited fourteen-year-old girl of Scottish-Russian descent, who appears in the series as of Le Septime CodeBut this is only the side effect of a desperate father's plan to reawaken his daughter from over thirty years of hibernationVic Video[edit]2-8001-0908-4 13 Les Archanges de Vina (The Archangels of Vinea) 1983 Yoko and Poky discover a submerged Vinean city run by a despotic queen


Pol Pitron (Dutch: Paul Pola, German: Knut Knolle) is the comic relief of the trioThis wide range of competences, together with her near-flawless behaviour, makes Yoko fall into the classic category of a competent woman^ Un monde de bulles, Roger Leloup (TV Show)Upon waking her, Yoko and Emilia meet with the Vineans to organize a trip to bring the robot back to the Center of the Earth In La Servante de Lucifer, she is also revealed to have some latent telepathic talent2-8001-2948-4 24 Le Septime Code (The Seventh Code) 2005 While traveling in the Amazon, Yoko narrowly avoids a plane crash while dealing with Krger and Comtesse Olga, Germans who need a chess riddle solved to unlock a missile silo


We only index and link to content provided by other sites2-8001-3762-2 25 La Servante de Lucifer (The Servant of Lucifer) 2010 Upon Cecilia's request, Yoko and Emilia travel to Scotland to investigate a female robot trapped in a medieval cryptWith the help of Monya's time machine, the translateur, Yoko and her friends undertake several time-travelling adventures2-8001-2587-X 23 La Pagode des brumes (The Pagoda of the Mists) 2001 In a continuation of the events of La Jonque cleste, Sin-Yi, now living in the present, pines for her servant girl Mei-Li, causing Monya to go back in time to retrieve her against Yoko's wishes2-8001-1748-6 19 L'Or du Rhin (The Rhine Gold) 1993 Yoko is employed as a secretary by Kazuki, who is striking a deal with some German businessmen; a plot ensues which involves androids, the luxury train Rheingold Express, and nuclear warheadsThis article is about the comic album series


The series title for these albums was changed to (The Legacy of Yoko Tsuno)DupuisYoko Tsuno first appeared in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Spirou on September 24, 1970 with the 8 page short Holdup en hifi.[1] This and the following two shorter works La belle et la bte and Cap 351 served as precursors for the first full-length Yoko Tsuno adventure, Le trio de ltrange serialised in Spirou from May 13, 1971.[2] Staying with Spirou for the following 30 years, the series still appears in the magazine to dateYoko Tsuno is an electrical engineer, who was raised in Japan but now lives in BelgiumFor the character in the series, see Yoko Tsuno (character)^ BDoubliesYoko Tsuno is a comics album series created by the Belgian writer Roger Leloup published by Dupuis in Spirou magazine since its debut in 1970She is quite compassionate and has a knack for making friendsThe moment the men confront her, the owner of the laboratory explains that he hired the Japanese girl to test a burglar alarm systemPlease wait

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